Setting up your WhatsApp channel (standard agent interface)

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  • Udi M

    The guide says I need to install Social Messaging add-on and the WhatsApp Phone Number add-on. I did install Social Message add-on but I can't find WhatsApp Phone Number add-on anywhere, and so far didn't get any automated email from Zendesk.

  • Will Brown

    This article seriously needs to be updated so at the very least the requirements for completing the integration are more clear. Can someone please clarify the following:

    The article mentions that I will "need to purchase both the Social Messaging add-on and the WhatsApp Phone Number add-on." I have the Support Suite, so I have been able to install the Social Messaging add-on, but I can't find the "WhatApp Phone Number Add-on" anywhere; where is this add on available for install?

    Separately the article mentions that "you can get the [WhatsApp in Zendesk Support integration] directly from the Zendesk Marketplace." Is the "WhatsApp in Zendesk Support integration" a 3rd requirement, separate from the "Social Messaging add-on" and the "WhatsApp Phone Number add-on."?? If that's the case, where is it available for download? Searching for WhatsApp in the Zendesk App Marketplace returns nothing relevant. 

    Last, the section on "Information you need to send to Zendesk" provides contradictory information. First it says "you will receive an automated email from Zendesk’s dedicated WhatsApp Integration team asking you for: WhatsApp Business display name; WhatsApp Business phone number; Facebook Business Manager ID. Then, just below that, it's mentioned "Please collect this information and then send it all to the WhatsApp Integration team..." SO WHICH ONE IS IT?!


  • Philip Kehela

    Hello! We started using the WhatsApp integration and have two questions

    1. If a customer send us a message, e.g. "Hi i need help". Can we respond with several messages within the 24h window, e.g. "Hello XX, pls let me know XX" and 5 minutes later "Oh and furthermore we need more information on XX". Is this second message then counted as a proactive one already or are we able to send multiple distinct messages?
    2. Any best practises on how to overcome the problem of the 24h rule within weekend days? Our agents are working Monday to Friday so everyhting between Friday afternoon and Sunday morning is lost. This cannot be a good idea right?


  • Mario Caputo
    Is it possible to import the Whatsapp chat history into Zendesk?
  • Roberto Peñacastro

    Honestly trying to integrate WhatsApp with Zendesk is a long process with a high cost. 

    We tried this approach but have found that Leadsales ( gets the job done and we have both widgets on our website to better serve our clients through both channels

    Hopefully the team at Leadsales will be able to integrate to Zendesk in the future! 

  • Roderick Voerman

    So far, our integration process has been an absolute hell. Basically none of the instructions work for us. Maybe because we're a Dutch company, I don't know, and since Zendesk isn't approachable through chat for us for the same reasons as I mentioned above, there's no quick answer. The "Marketplace" is mentioned many times during this process, yet I'm never able to approach the web-based Marketplace in a LOGGED IN state. When I try to log in at the marketplace, I'm simply ported back to my Social/Support UI. From there, I go to the Marketplace again, same thing.

    It takes a lot of time to get me to lose my patience, but Zendesk managed to do it. Let me talk to a live agent instead of this endless back-and-forth through the ticket system (ticket #60094881).

  • Sebastián Hernández


    Using new Sunshine Channel Integration, if we have 4 WhatsApp numbers, what is the way to identify each number via trigger? because I don't see a choice, and that indication it does not work

  • monir

    Hi Pedro Rodrigues
    Did you receive any updates for hiding unassigned tickets for social messaging channels?
    Thanks in advance

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Community Moderator

    Hi monir, I didn't understand your question - what do you mean by "hiding unassigned tickets"?

    If you meant the default view "WhatsApp conversations - Unassigned" created by Zendesk that I mentioned, it can be deactivated as usual.

  • monir

    Pedro Rodrigues I mean hiding unassigned issues for all agents (not all agents must see the whatsapp issues especially the unassigned ones) and showing them to specific agent or group

    If that can be deactivated as you say, can you please tell me how, I am pretty new to zendesk


    Thanks for your reply

  • Sneharthi Roy


    We are a B2B SaaS company in customer service/contact center automation domain and we are an ISV in Twilio. We and our customers have phone numbers from Twilio, approved by Whatsapp Business, and we have received approval for Business Name, templates for notification, we use webhooks for our own AI-based chat bot for question answers, we have used integration both by service ID from Twilio to send notifications or webhook to a third party integration. We are in need of Zen Desk chat applications to integrate with Whatsapp API. Can you please have someone from Zen Desk contact us?

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Sneharthi - 

    We don't have a way to have support reach out to you from comments on an article, but here's information on Contacting Zendesk Customer Support

  • Roman Safronov

    Hi, i have installed the WhatsApp integration using the other tutorial (

    Tbh I dont understand where the main difference between both is.

    But my question is: how can I chat with a customer via WhatsApp using the Zendesk-App? It simply did not work to see the reply from the customer on the app. Desktop version is not a problem.

  • Kelvin Fok

    Hi there, having issues with the last step on Add Whastapp on Zendesk - showing "Channel couldn't be added"  even trying after multiple times. Anyone know what went wrong?


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