Installing and configuring the WhatsApp in Zendesk Support integration (Social Messaging add-on)

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  • Udi M
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    The guide says I need to install Social Messaging add-on and the WhatsApp Phone Number add-on. I did install Social Message add-on but I can't find WhatsApp Phone Number add-on anywhere, and so far didn't get any automated email from Zendesk.

  • Will Brown
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    This article seriously needs to be updated so at the very least the requirements for completing the integration are more clear. Can someone please clarify the following:

    The article mentions that I will "need to purchase both the Social Messaging add-on and the WhatsApp Phone Number add-on." I have the Support Suite, so I have been able to install the Social Messaging add-on, but I can't find the "WhatApp Phone Number Add-on" anywhere; where is this add on available for install?

    Separately the article mentions that "you can get the [WhatsApp in Zendesk Support integration] directly from the Zendesk Marketplace." Is the "WhatsApp in Zendesk Support integration" a 3rd requirement, separate from the "Social Messaging add-on" and the "WhatsApp Phone Number add-on."?? If that's the case, where is it available for download? Searching for WhatsApp in the Zendesk App Marketplace returns nothing relevant. 

    Last, the section on "Information you need to send to Zendesk" provides contradictory information. First it says "you will receive an automated email from Zendesk’s dedicated WhatsApp Integration team asking you for: WhatsApp Business display name; WhatsApp Business phone number; Facebook Business Manager ID. Then, just below that, it's mentioned "Please collect this information and then send it all to the WhatsApp Integration team..." SO WHICH ONE IS IT?!


  • Philip Kehela
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    Hello! We started using the WhatsApp integration and have two questions

    1. If a customer send us a message, e.g. "Hi i need help". Can we respond with several messages within the 24h window, e.g. "Hello XX, pls let me know XX" and 5 minutes later "Oh and furthermore we need more information on XX". Is this second message then counted as a proactive one already or are we able to send multiple distinct messages?
    2. Any best practises on how to overcome the problem of the 24h rule within weekend days? Our agents are working Monday to Friday so everyhting between Friday afternoon and Sunday morning is lost. This cannot be a good idea right?


  • Mario Caputo
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    Is it possible to import the Whatsapp chat history into Zendesk?

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