How can I view tickets I follow?

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  • Joel Boonstra

    Hey Brett,

    Both of these options seem like workarounds for a theoretical much simpler option, which would be to specify "Ticket: Followers + contains + (current user)" or something similar when creating a view. I realize that that's not available, but it seems like something that should be available.

    Do you know if this feature is in the works? It would certainly help to integrate the Followers feature in with a more typical Support workflow.


  • Nicole S. - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Joel,

    No new view filters are currently planned for implementation. The team that works with that part of the product is focusing on infrastructure and stability for the current development cycle.

    If you'd like to make the suggestion for a future roadmap, you can post your idea to the Support Product Feedback Forum. Here are details on how to write an effective feedback post.

  • Kevin Miodek

    Hi Nicole,

    Is this option only available for enterprise customers for now?
    I can't see it in my account.

  • Robert Grøndahl Winther

    I can't get this to view to work for me.

    In one place you write:

    Ticket: Tags Contains at least one of the following follower_agent_name

    But in the screen dump instead of "follower_agent_name" it says "follower_agent_a"

    What is correct? Something third?

  • Tsvetan Marinov

    Hi Nicole S. - Community Manager,

    Allow me to dislike your comment and to argue with you on that. It's not our fault as customers of yours, that somebody, either it was from the developers, QAs, Product developers, Manual testers teams didn't think that people would want to have a simple condition for followers in order to create a view for themselves. Because of those misses, people like Brett and the other community of Zendesk should write such additional articles with strange workarounds in order to achieve something very simple. And since your guys didn't add that on time, they should present it asap in order to suit their customer's needs and not saying that they won't do it because they need to work on stability. Which from another hand shows that you obviously have issues with the stability as well ...

    I am really surprised how you guys are continuing to release new features or optimizing stuff and still missing very important parts as it was(and it`s still) with the "Multibranding feature", the new look of the Triggers and many other things. And there are articles like this one, where people are giving you suggestions and very clear and simple requirements and you still don't take them into consideration. 

    Another big miss for the "CC and followers" feature is that the followers don't see who is the requester and CCed on the ticket which he is following. Again we should make some additional work with the Follower template and liquid markdown language to display these. And for your information, this was the same behavior for the old CCed people, which you just applied it for the followers instead of fixing it.

    I am really hoping that you guys will improve those things.



  • Mike Roberts

    I'm actually astonished that this isn't available in Views. Please make it happen, Zendesk.

  • Florian W.

    I totally agree with Joel Boonstra and Tsvetan Marinov comments.

    Zendesk must do something at this point and not refer to cumbersome workarounds.

    Creating a view for Cc'd or follow'd tickets should be a very simple function. For us as Enterprise customer this is absolutely necessary to  provide a smooth and easy workflow to our agents.

  • Rob Phillips

    Add my voice to the responses, just implemented Zendesk on our Service Desk and followers was meant to allow other agents to be involved in the ticket workflow. How can they? They live in views and that is there 'to do' list. Needs some urgent action from Zendesk. Tsvetan Marinov makes some very good points.

  • Tanawat Oonwattana

    or at least, API search endpoint should be able to add follower as part of a query.

  • Alexander Reid

    Went to create a view and also discovered this is not natively supported, hoping this gets added soon!

  • Bram Vandeperre

    Just as surprised as Alexander, so +1 on this. Needs to be a condition for views.

    Ticket follower is/is not (Current User)/One of the agents in the list

  • Tracy Scobba

    There are a few different product suggestions around this topic. I added my vote to this one


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