Can I report on light agents with Explore?

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  • Kaitlin


    I'd like to create a report that separates custom roles like Light Agents from other roles. 

    The answer says yes we can report on light agents but instead shows us how to report on all agents. Would you please clarify if it is possible to single out Light Agents in a report? Or are they lumped into the same category as agents?

    I'm more so interested in separating other custom roles but this is the closest help article I could find.

  • Ricardo
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Kaitlin

    Thanks for your question.

    It is not possible to single out light agents from the other agents. What you are looking for is the ability to use an attribute like custom roles and that isn't currently possible. If you want to analyze any custom role activity, you would need to use an attribute such as Updater name and then manually select the agents that belong to a specific custom role.


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