Can I have different Web Widgets for each of my brands?

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  • Jason Horsley


    I have two brands and two chat widgets. One for guests, and one for logged in users.


    If I include just one of these snippets, everything works fine. However, we moved our website to a single page application.


    Is there a programatic way to switch between the two chatbots without refreshing the webpage?


    If we include both snippets (snippet.js?key=guest and snippet.js?key=authed) on initial page load, only one of the two chats show.

    If we start with the snippet.js?key=guest, then after a login zE.hide the chatbot and add snippet.js?key=authed, zE function calls STILL point to the guest chat (not the newly included authed chat).

    If we remove the guest script sources, strip out the iframe, and null out window.zE, then re-include the authed script source, it does load and re-populate window.zE, but the widget won't show.


    Can we include both chats from the start, then target each individually? Something like

    zE('webWidget', 'hide:theGuestOne')

    zE('webWidget', 'show:theAuthedOne')



    How should we handle two chat bots for two separate brands, when the "brand" changes without any hard page refresh?


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