Can I make the "Required to submit a request" option applicable to agents?

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  • Samuel Mosher

    This is a pretty big oversight on Zendesk's part. In conjunction with the Conditional Fields, there is no way to force an agent to complete the "top" level field when submitting a ticket. For example:

    Field 1: What would you like assistance with today? <<< Can only be set to Required when Solve. Require to submit is overridden by Conditional Fields. Conditional Fields does not have any option to just "require" a field based on ticket form, only on values of other tickets.

    Field 1 value: "Potato Chips"

    Field 2: What was wrong with your chips? <<< Can be set to required for agents and end users by conditioning Field 1 value

    In short, there is no way to force an agent who is acting as an end-user to populate anything on a ticket until it is solved. And since the end-user agent is not the one who is solving the ticket (in our instance), they aren't on the hook to do anything - ever. It adds exceptional overhead for our agents to backfill this info because we can't force the original agent to populate those top-level fields.

    Our use case is an internal workforce using Zendesk, and not for external users. Also, a paid solution at $1/agent/mo is not feasible nor scalable for something that should be included. If you can require agents to submit certain fields on conditions, then you should be able to require them to submit certain fields, period.

  • RJ Hines

    Agree with Sam entirely.

    I recently completed a project to upgrade our platform to the Zendesk Enterprise subscription level, and we created several new escalation groups in Zendesk. Each group needs different data to complete tickets assigned to them. While the custom forms allowed us to change the Required/Conditional fields, we can't enforce them to be filled out by our Tier 1 staff.

    The proposed workaround above (trigger/notification when things aren't filled out) will in no way work for our company, so this brings us back to square one.


  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello RJ Hines & Samuel Mosher,

    I understand how this can be rather frustrating when there is no native solution to an issue you are facing within Zendesk. Currently, this is our best-recommended workaround, but I would suggest reaching out to our product feedback page. This will give you a channel to express your concerns to our developers so they can be addressed and considered for future updates.



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