Why are end-user comments showing up as internal notes?

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  • Dave Foster

    I regularly have this issue: An end user will reply to a ticket email, and the comment will be an internal note. I assumed this happens when they don't reply all and instead reply to me directly or something. It's super annoying either way.

  • Gail Hovanec

    It seems to be very counter intuitive that if someone replies who is not the ticket requester or already a CC they get pushed to a private note and then there is no way to make that private note public to fix the mistake.  Currently you can only make a public comment private, not the other way around.  

    Customers, by definition, don't work alone.  Often additional customer contacts will be pulled into an ongoing email chain and even if they are already in our system, but just weren't on the chain originally, their responses are made private.

    ZenDesk needs to provide an option to stop this behavior or allow switching a private note to public.  If ZenDesk is going to force us to accept making all replies of this nature private notes then you must provide the option to make them public so these messes made by your bizarre policy can be fixed easily.

  • Frank Dijker

    I totally agree. It drives me nuts as people are complaining they don't get all of the messages and then I see that some of the notes are private, even from external emails??



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