How to use a view to surface and resolve high-volume ticket topics

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  • Daniel Cooper
    Community Moderator

    You can take this even further with a few more workflow additions: 

    • Add additional columns for custom fields from your tickets onto the view. If the view is largely bulk processing and your fields include details that you'll need to load into another system, you can use a views export as csv option (or just read from the screen) to quickly see multiple tickets at once to process more than one ticket at a time.
    • Use macros and bulk process .  If you know that all of your tickets can be completed quickly, you can bulk update more than one ticket at a time from the view using the same macro.  Using placeholders you can fill in details from the ticket to process several ticket updates at once.
    • Use the Play button. If you don't feel comfortable bulk processing all tickets at once, you can still use the macro to quickly move through tickets using the Play button. Set your macro up with a status to quickly set the desired status so you just have to run the macro, click submit and move to the next ticket. Make sure that the option next to submit reads Next available ticket
    • Consider contextual workspaces (Enterprise). These views typically are a place where focused workflows shine. Get rid of the clutter and help your agents fly by setting up a workspace that gets ride of the noise

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