Drillthrough not showing selected elements

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  • Marco Chong

    I'm trying to get 'Assignee name' to show up in the drillthrough results and have added this into the query as a filter but still no joy.

    Not sure what is wrong since the article says,

    "This means if any of the attributes selected in the drillthrough are not already included in your query (as a row, column or filter), they cannot be shown in the drillthrough results."

    It looks like having the attribute as a row/column attribute then it will show up in the drillthrough but not if only included as a filter attribute?

  • Taylor Bowser
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Marco Chong,  

    Thanks for reaching out! Can you confirm that you've selected to include or exclude values for this filter? It will not populate in the drillthrough table if no values have been selected in the filter. 



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