Installing and using the Cancel Ticket Submit app

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  • Scott Franke

    We recently upgraded to the latest version of this app (from the v1 Oops app).

    I am hoping someone can clarify the expected behavior of the Premium plan. I've configured our app to allow automatic ticket submission after timeout. This works fine for comments and attachments but the behavior is different for recipients. If an attachment is not confirmed (aka the checkbox checked) before the timeout, it is still saved with the ticket. If a recipient is not confirmed before the timeout, the recipient is dropped but the rest of the updates save.

    Is this expected? If so, why the inconsistency?

  • Tiffany Green

    Hi Scott -

    Thanks for reaching out. That is expected behavior. It's related to how each of those items behave when automatic submission is not checked. Since there is no way to retrieve an attachment once it has been redacted, we wanted to err on the side of not removing it if there is any question. Whereas, a recipient is easier to add or remove from a ticket. 

  • Noam Stern

    The application is not active when I submit several tickets together.
    I tried to solve 3 tickets at once with public reply and the emails had automatically sent.

    Are you aware of this issue? if so, there is something you planning to do regarding?


  • Tiffany Green

    Hi Noam -

    Could you clarify what method you're using to submit several tickets together? Are you selecting multiple tickets in the list view? Unfortunately, apps only work on the individual ticket screen, not on the dashboard or list views.

  • Noam Stern

    Hi Tiffany,

    Yes, we are submitting multiple tickets at once.


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