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  • Fallon Albrecht
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    Is there any update regarding the bug? I tried to contact Zendesk several times and replied to the ticket that was created for me. 

    This bug is really affecting a lot of our tickets.

  • geekworld
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    As an IT support company, we need the ability to let our customer end-users email to the ticketing system, any time, easy, because that is what end-users want. We provide phone, text and online submission capability. Guess what? End-users want to email, unless they have an email problem. Additionally, there are so many personnel changes, new users come in, old users go away. We allow users to simply email into our zendesk and if their domain is whitelisted, then they can open a ticket, even if it is the first time. End-users do not want to register or validate their email, they don't like it, it is cumbersome. And, we think that's ok, because we want to make their life easier. 

    This zendesk "exception list' is not complete. We added "*" to the Blacklist which means that Nobody can email into our zendesk, unless their email address and/or domain is on our Whitelist. This setting has worked wonderful for over 10 years

    Zendesk: please add the Blacklist "*" + Whitelist to your "exception list" for this new, painful rule setting you introduced. 

    • Placeholder suppression should not occur for any ticket created through or /tickets API
      (does not work when users want to email)
    • These changes do not apply to Email Targets, but only to the "Email user" action in triggers.
      (we service Email users, so we need "Email user" action)
    • These changes do not apply to organization subscription notifications as they are not controlled by triggers at all.
      (This is not important to us)
    • If you have disabled the "Anyone can submit tickets" setting, placeholders will work in all cases on your account.
      (But we need anybody that is on our Whitelist to be able to submit tickets, it is our business and has been for over 10 years)
    • If you have enabled the "Ask users to register" setting, placeholders will work in all cases on your account.
      (End-uses do not want to register and they should not have to, we are doing this for them by Whitlisting their email/domain. End-users just want to spend as little time as possible to get their IT problems resolved. And we want to make their life easier.)
  • Gerben Meijer - Itrica
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    It's been a little over a month since the regression was reported. Can you please give us an update?


  • Max McCal
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    Hi, sorry for the delay and thank you for the reminder, Gerben. We have a fix ready and are working on a roll out plan. We'll update this thread again once that's ready.


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