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  • Arron Gould


    What is the best way to visualise goals, expected (probability adjusted pipeline value, what I think you refer to as forecasted) and actuals in one place?




  • Serene Gao

    Hi Arron Gould!

    We have the Forecasted Sales report, which visualizes both the expected pipeline value and the actual value. 

    When you mentioned Goals, there is the separate Sales Goals report where sales goals can be set up for individual users and be compared to the overall team performance. 

    Let us know if this addresses your question!


  • Luke Beeson

    Is there a way to automatically set an estimated close date for each deal? (Set for 6 weeks after the deal is created.) Or does this field have to be manually entered every time?




  • Katie Dougherty
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Luke Beeson,

    I'm afraid there isn't an option to automatically set an estimated close date for each deal you manually enter in your account.

    If you import new deals each week, you can absolutely include a column for the estimated close date field and update all those deals upon import.  

    Additionally, depending on your plan, you can use our Automated Actions feature.

    • The trigger would be: New deal created 
    • The resulting action could be to Create Task to remind the user to update the estimated close date field. Or you could select Update custom field to track this information in another field. 

    Lastly, a more advanced option for accounts familiar with Sell's API was provided by our Sell Solutions Architect:

    • Accounts can use the Webhook connector to make the PUT call directly to the deals endpoint as a workaround
    • This Zapier page is a good start/portal and our API documentation is also helpful!

    I will be sure to pass your feedback to our Product Team that you would like a way to automatically set an estimated close date for each deal!

  • Anton Verhelst

    I'm trying to remove the estimated close date, is that possible?

  • JJ
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hello Anton Verhelst,

    Unfortunately, we cannot remove the estimated close date, since that is a system field.

    As a workaround, you may put a specific date in the future, like 01/01/2100, for those deals that you do not want to specify a close date.

    Hope that helps!


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