Using the Product Catalog to define products and services in Sell (Enterprise and Elite)

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  • Justin Hall
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    Thanks for this explanation!

    It would be good to have some way to upload a CSV of products; I suppose if that was something you offered at this time, you would have mentioned it here in this documentation.

    So I'd like to request a Products Catalog Import feature!

  • David Gatlin
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    Can we add groupings of Products? Example package A may have 5 products with varying price and units values under it. This way the Sales rep can just add the group without the need to search for all 5 products, and potentially miss an item.

  • Haavard Myklebust
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    Are there any plans to support subscription products? Like software-as-a-service?

  • Grzegorz Pogwizd
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    Hi Haavard,

    It's Greg here with Sell's Technical Support Team and I'm happy to clarify.

    I'm sorry to admit that currently Sell does not offer direct support for recurring transactions and revenue, so including SaaS-type products.

    However, you could use the Product Catalog functionality to create a separate product that will reflect different subscription types, on different cadence and specific pricing. I would suggest including tags like 'Monthly', 'Annualy', 'Quarterly' etc. into each Product's name.

    And to reflect this in your Deals section we recommend creating a new Deal for each recurring revenue, so in case of a monthly recurring revenue a solution would be to create a new Deal each month, for annual revenue each year etc.

    I understand that this is a lot of manual work so please know that soon a new app will be released to our App Marketplace here - - that will allow you to automatically clone Deals with all their data. This will be perfect for covering the recurring revenue model.

    I hope this helps. Take care!

    Grzegorz Pogwizd
    Technical Support Engineer | Zendesk Sell

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  • Sophie McMonagle
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    Justin Hall thanks for the comment, and apologies for not coming back to you sooner!  

    You can't import a product list directly into your account, but you can use the Products API to do this.

    I've raised your feature request with Product Management

  • Andrew Guo
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    Can products be set to have a free-text option for unit cost when adding to deals? In my business, our cost price differs greatly from deal to deal hence it wouldn't work for us to input a fixed cost price. 

    It'd be great if I could enter the cost price of products when creating a deal.

  • Serene Gao
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    Hi David,

    While we currently do not have this functionality, it will certainly be a valuable addition to the product! I'm forwarding your request to our Voice of the Customer team for further evaluation and any potential project planning.

    Thank you for providing the use case!

    Serene Gao
    Customer Advocate | Zendesk Sell
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  • Sophie McMonagle
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    Hi Andrew Guo,

    Unfortunately, the unit price can only be set when you create the product.  It's not mandatory but if you don't set it, the unit price is set to zero when you add the product to a deal.

    I guess the workaround is that if you have a number of set unit prices you could create multiple flavors of that product, with different unit prices. 

    However, this sounds like a good request for a new feature - please send us a ticket to raise this as a requirement (see for more info.


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