Creating a Sell Voice call list for automatic dialing (Enterprise and Elite)

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  • Bthomas

    Hi Sophie,

    Does the auto dialer call multiple numbers at once? If we have a huge lead list, we usually call multiple numbers at once because chances are not everyone will answer. this saves us a bunch of time.  Does Zendesk sell have a feature like this?

    Also, is there a way to leave a pre recorded voicemail, it the call goes to voicemail?


  • Sophie McMonagle

    Hi Bthomas,

    Thanks for the question!  The auto dialer dials each number in the list in succession (when you are on a call, you can see which number is coming up next).  

    As far as I know, you can't dial more than one person at a time, or leave a pre-recorded message if their number goes to voicemail.

    Feel free to raise a ticket with any product suggestions! (


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