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  • Andrew Schreiner

    For this



    • The GET Resources by External ID endpoint will now return a 404 when it is unable to find a resource matching the resource_type_key and external_id combination passed.


    What if the external ids are being used in a multiple ids call for example ?externalids=1,2,3 if one is invalid, will it return all but that one or will it throw a 404 for all? 

  • Bryan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Developer Support

    Hi Andrew. Behavior in these kind of "multiple value" based APIs is typically to return ones that work, with a Warning header indicating which ones couldn’t be found. If you're experiencing other behavior, report it here and we can look into it further.

  • Andrew Schreiner

    I can confirm it DOES return records if any of the external ids are available after my testing.


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