Zendesk tickets fail to sync into cases in Salesforce

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  • Lena Gainulina
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    Hi Dwight, thanks for a great article. I'm getting these logs each time I trigger the ticket sync:

    15:37:33.0 (635763)|EXECUTION_STARTED
    15:37:33.0 (641186)|CODE_UNIT_STARTED|[EXTERNAL]|Flow:Case
    15:37:33.0 (973255)|CODE_UNIT_FINISHED|Flow:Case
    15:37:33.0 (984935)|EXECUTION_FINISHED

    I assume that in this case no error has been recorded, right? However, no new cases are created. Am I supposed to get an error log if not all required case fields are mapped?  

  • Dwight Bussman
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    Glad you liked the article. I dig your profile pic (The Great Bathtub Wave off Kanagawa?)... I have a long and amusing-mostly-just-to-me story about almost getting to see the original painting a few different times when my wife & I were traveling for our honeymoon, but that's for a different time...

    If you're seeing this but cases still aren't being created, this sounds likely to be a permissions issue somewhere within Salesforce.

    In order to dig into this more closely, I'm going to raise a ticket and reach out to you therein to get some account-specific information.

    Dwight B. | Customer Advocate | support@zendesk.com

    Zendesk Experience Research Panel


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