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  • Lea Jane Hug

    The lead source should be carried to Contact. Every company wants to have documentation where their clients are coming, and if they want to have any kind of idea on what is actually working and resulting in leads that are successful and who eventually became customers. This is an important data point for the sales team and their cooperation with marketing for focusing efforts on platforms and sources that are generating sales-qualified leads.
    Not having this option seriously cripples any organization and important data is lost forever when the lead is converted. Leaving companies without any idea where their customers are coming from.
    I don't see one reason why the source would not be carried to contact. We may need to ask for this feature

  • Matthew Carter

    Lea Jane Hug we had the same issue, I solved it by removing all the options from Lead Sources and adding a custom field that is copied over on conversion (we also made it required). the only downside is the agent has to scroll past the swathes of other fields before getting to the custom fields... but that's another issue.

  • Kaja Blachowicz

    Hi Matthew and Lea,
    I am sorry that the source information is not carried over to converted deals/contacts in the current Sell logic. If you feel this something important please leave your feedback and feature request directly to our Product Management team here: They read it on a regular basis and take these requests into consideration.

    Warm Regards

    Kaja Błachowicz | Zendesk Sell | Technical Support Engineer Visit our Support Center


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