Migrating to the Zendesk Agent Workspace

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  • Joanna W

    Hi Team. The migration of groups was launched today ( which we weren't aware will happen) and currently we have serious issues with our chat availability. Upon trying to start chat on the widget we receive information "No agents available". I've checked group/departments, operating hours etc. and don't see any issues for the time being. I've sent an email to agentworkspace@zendesk.com as well. 

  • Bram Vandeperre

    +1, I have a ticket open with Zendesk support (Id #5226305). We've taken chat offline completely for now, as it's not working. 

    Both our chat bot (Ultimate AI) and Stitch Data (to export to DWH) are broken, and we're not even in the EAP anymore as we're not a Zendesk Suite user.

    Edit: Zendesk support "rebooted" our chat instance which should fix the issues we were experiencing with routing and operating hours, but the fact remains we're now in some hybrid support-chat scheme without any benefits, but some massive downsides (+18 groups in Zendesk Support, no custom role ability anymore to change department members, etc).

  • Tobias Hermanns

    Very unlucky, we´ve recently reworked our Groups in Support and without any notice, the Chat Groups are now in Support, we more like to not see them here, get a notification and device Chat Agents, we put manually in which existing groups 


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