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  • Aleksey Kislov
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    I just found out that user tags that were provided in JS object by 'HelpCenter.user.tags' field are no longer available. That fields returns 'undefined' but used to return array of user tags before V2. Several of our clients are dependent on this functionality, and now it's just stopped working — without a single deprecation note. How is it possible?

    UPD: `tags` field just appeared for me again — for no visible reason. Due to lack of documentation I assume these methods are not blindly to rely on. Is there any other way to access user object in Help Center via JS?  

  • Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen
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    Hi Aleksey, we have not changed the behavior of providing an array of user tags. If the user is not signed in it will not return the array though. That behavior has not either changed.

    Post again if the problem reappears for signed in users.


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