Are there any restrictions or limitations with toll-free phone numbers?

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  • Gravity CX (APAC Reseller)

    Hi All

    I’m trying to find an answer to the below but so far I can’t find anything.

    We want to have a toll free number (+61 1300 xxx xxx) to receive incoming calls in Zendesk. We also want to offer customers a callback option when calling the 1300 number.

    We know that outbound calls are not supported from 1300 numbers in Zendesk so we have created a standard local number (+61 3 xxxx xxxx) that has ‘allow outbound calls’ enabled and we have disabled the ‘allow outbound’ option on the 1300 number (no idea why we have the choice to ‘allow outbound calls’ on a toll free number at all - would have thought this would be greyed out).

    The issue is that when a customer calls the 1300 number and selects 2 for a callback, the callback is created in Zendesk and offered to an agent with the local (03) number as the outbound number, but when the agent accepts the callback and makes the call, the call is dropped after 2 secs - every time.

    So I guess the question is, can customers offer callbacks on Toll Free numbers, with another local number set as the outbound number?

    I also wonder what happens if there is a Toll Free number for incoming calls and callbacks enabled, but multiple local numbers for outbound - what number is selected for a callback - is there any logic to the selection?

    See this little loom for further detail -

  • Debbie Byrne
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hey Chad,

    Thanks for sharing the video recording. Unfortunately as outbound calls are not supported on Toll Free numbers, it will not be possible to offer the callback option on these numbers.

    What you mention regarding the option to have outbound calls disabled on toll free numbers would be classed as product feedback and you can share that in our Talk Product Feedback Topic and follow for updates. I do not see this request on our roadmap at present, therefore leaving feedback would be beneficial for our product managers.

    What you are currently experiencing with the dropped calls is expected as the callback will be offered on the number that the customer calls regardless of if outbound calls are switched off for that number or not.

    I hope that this helps.


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