Inline images in Guide articles display as broken across all browsers

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  • Amy Gracer
    Community Moderator

    I run the json and sure enough, it returns the missing files. 

    But that just tells me that the missing files are indeed in the location where they are being called. This is also evident because I can see the images in both the Help Center Preview as End User mode and the Help Center when logged in as an Agent.

    The file clearly exists. Zendesk just isn't displaying it for End Users. Why?


    I am uploading via API, so I cannot go into each individual article and upload the image file again.



  • Damir Kučič


    did you perhaps found the solution?

    Facing exactly the same issue here. I thought workaround would be to create unassociated attachment, parse the response json to get url and then regex through my article content substituting img src url's, prior to uploading the article. It worked in my preview, but I see this is not a sustainable solution.

    I don't get what's the point of having an API if you're having to do things in editor manually.


  • Rhocela Pasigna

    Are there any developments/new fixes for this issue? I agree, this is not a sustainable solution at all. Plus the behavior of this issue is inconsistent so it's difficult to avoid. A few of our users have already reported articles with missing images and we don't know how to exactly avoid it. 

  • Damir Kučič


    workaround is that you first create article, then obtain article id, which you use when uploading attachments so that attachments are tied to the article. In response json you get an absolute attachment path so you can use regex to substitute relative paths in your article for absolute paths obtained as a response of attachment upload and then use article update API to upload / publish your article with proper attachment paths.



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