Announcing Support Enterprise custom roles and light agent access support for Zendesk Explore

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  • Lila Kingsley
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    Can you confirm that for a support enterprise customer the Explore role = Administrator shows as "Create reports and manage permissions" within the edit role screen?  

  • Tiffany King
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    If we don't want our light agents to have explore access, how do we go about removing their access? I can't change it in their role settings. 

  • Dan Cooper
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    I would also like the option to disable Explore access for light agents.  It's nice that there is an option to share reports, but it shouldn't be assumed that Explore should be shared with light agents by default without the option to disable it.

  • Vincent Dollet
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    Hi Lila Kingsley, I confirm that the permission "Create reports and manage permissions" in your Support roles will give agents the same access as the former "Administrator" role in Explore.

    Hi Tiffany King and Dan Cooper, thanks for your feedback - we will look in making this setting configurable. In the meantime, your light agents will only have access to the dashboards you share with them.


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