Adding Sunshine user profiles and events to customer context in a ticket

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  • Thomas D'Hoe
    Community Moderator


    Does the  "article_viewed" event type work for all helpcenters? Or only if the end-user is signed in? Does it work for anomyous end users? 

    Also for the "article_viewed" event type, I see the article ID, but not the title as mentioned in this article. So it's not easy to see wich article an end-user viewed. 

    What the article describes: 

    article_viewed The title of a Help Center article that the user viewed.

    What I see in my Zendesk (It's a restricted helpcenters)

  • Tim McLean
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Thomas D'Hoe!

    Thanks for the questions. We're working on including the article title and URL in Help Center events right now and are aiming to have that available around the end of march.

    The Interactions panel currently only shows activity that has occurred while the user has been logged in. All logged out traffic isn't included.




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