Can I change the ticket priority value back to no priority?

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  • D. Tanigaki

    It does not make sense to us.   The priority level shows Urgent, High, "Normal", Low, AND " - ". 

    first of all, Normal level is " - " (before assigning the priority),  and Normal should not be the part of  Priority as everything is normal or assign how high is the priority level'. 

    2nd, once the priority is assigned including "normal status", then what is the point of having " - ". ?   we should be able to 'remove" the priority level. 


    The solution is to have us (the client)  set their own priority levels.  the best way is to introduce Color. or simply Numeric system.   Maybe engineers are not looking into real-life situations.  Hope they will consider this matter more seriously. 

  • Ben Van Iten
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi, D. Tanigaki,

    We would recommend creating a trigger that has conditions like:

    Ticket is Created
    Status is less than solved

    and for the actions...

    Priority is Normal

    This way a ticket will always start at a normal priority and you can adjust from there. You can lower and increase the priority as your team sees fit. 

    I hope this is helpful!


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