Can I avoid the clutter caused by multiple custom fields displayed on tickets? 

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  • Lou Freitas

    I have a question on conditional fields… I would like conditions to extend not only to the appearance of child fields, but selections within those child fields.

    Based on what I am seeing If you select an option in the parent field, it will only drive the appearance of a child field… Not a group of selections within the child field
    Conditional fields don't seem to work this way, here is a hypothetical example:
    If I have a parent field called products and within that field I have the selection of pants, T-shirt, and hats.
    Then say the child field is size… I would like to put all of my product sizes in this one field. Available selections within this field would be driven by the product selected in the parent field. For instance, if you select pants in the product parent field then the size field will only display options related to pants… If you select T-shirts in the parent product field, then the size field will only display options specific to T-shirts.
  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Lou -

    You're correct about how Conditional Fields work - the best way to do this via built-in Zendesk functionality would be to organize a single drop-down field using nesting, so that you have your various clothing types with the available sizes nested under each one.

    However, there is a paid app in our Apps Marketplace called Ticket Field Magic that says it can "Hide or disable specific values in dropdown fields", so I'd suggest checking that out.

    If that doesn't do the trick, then I'd suggest explaining your use case in our Support Product Feedback topic. Here’s information on how to write an effective feedback post.


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