Coming Soon: Call Quality Notifications & Reporting: Zendesk Talk

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  • Kris Klimek

    sounds awesome!

  • Richard Leal

    This would help in identifying why calls drop.

    Could a request in a sense be added to this? While working on it would that mean they would work on the error messaging?

    I mean if a call disconnects it would be nice to get an understanding message instead of just "call disconnected".

    • Caller disconnected
    • Agent disconnected
    • Network disconnected
    • Audio disconnected

    I feel that would help an agent understand what just happened to a call if it suddenly drops as well.

  • Andrew Einspanier

    When is this scheduled to release?

  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Andrew, sorry we didn't update here. This is now available. For more information, see


  • Andrew Einspanier

    When is the reporting feature expected to release?

  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    We don't have a firm date for the reporting part of this yet, but I do know it's in the works and should be soon. We'll be sure to announce when the date is firmer.

  • Rohan Gupta

    Hey Everyone,

    Thanks for being so patient!

    We’re very excited to announce that both parts of the call quality release are now generally available to Zendesk Talk Professional and Enterprise customers. 

    Here are the product announcements:
    1) Call Quality Notifications - For Zendesk Talk Agents 
    2) Call Quality Reporting - For Zendesk Talk Admins

    For more details, see Reporting on Talk network and audio quality.

    Thank you!



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