Data storage limits and adding more storage for Zendesk Support

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  • Pavel Kolpakov

    I missed this announcment. When limits took place? How I was notified about that? Where I can see how much storage left? If limits are exceed how much time ZD will give to fix it before charging more or curtailing usage?

    Do I understand correctly, that if file attachments is 50mb it will be counted as 0.1 kb for file storage?

  • Ontec LLC (EMEA Partner)

    Does it apply only to Support?  Are there any Guide usage limits eg. articles or Mb of images per agent?  

  • Eliott De La Rosa

    Pavel Kolpakov if file atachments is 50MB it will counted as 50MB for the file storage and 0.10KB for the Data Storage. I supose,

  • Thomas D'Hoe

    Where can we see the total storage currently used?

  • Sergio Anarte

    +1 to that. It will be nice to have a dashboard to manage the available size. 

  • Pablo Kenney

    Hi Sergio Anarte and Thomas D'Hoe we are in the process of building the storage dashboards, we expect to have this ready towards the end of this year (2021 for future readers - feel free to keep me accountable on this).  I understand the desire to have that data available, and we are very much working to not surprise anyone with these limits.

  • Pablo Kenney

    Hi Ontec LLC (EMEA Partner) - basically yes. Technically, there are parts of Chat and Talk that create tickets and therefore are also affected by these limits, but for most customers Support is the product most affected. 

  • Pablo Kenney

    Hi Pavel Kolpakov re: attachment limits. Eliott De La Rosa is correct in his interpretation, if a file attachment is 50mb, then it would count as 50mb towards file storage and 0.1 kb for data storage (the article will be updated to clear this up). 

    Regarding your earlier questions, we began implementing data storage limits in June 2020 (when this article was first published). We are rolling out stages of enforcement, and will not enforce broadly until it is available for customers to observe in the product. All enforcement will be done in good faith and in cooperation with customers affected. 


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