Data storage limits and adding more storage for Zendesk Support

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  • Pavel Kolpakov

    I missed this announcment. When limits took place? How I was notified about that? Where I can see how much storage left? If limits are exceed how much time ZD will give to fix it before charging more or curtailing usage?

    Do I understand correctly, that if file attachments is 50mb it will be counted as 0.1 kb for file storage?

  • Anton Mintsev (EMEA)

    Does it apply only to Support?  Are there any Guide usage limits eg. articles or Mb of images per agent?  

  • Eliott De La Rosa

    Pavel Kolpakov if file atachments is 50MB it will counted as 50MB for the file storage and 0.10KB for the Data Storage. I supose,

  • Thomas D'Hoe
    Community Moderator

    Where can we see the total storage currently used?

  • Sergio Anarte

    +1 to that. It will be nice to have a dashboard to manage the available size. 

  • Pablo Kenney
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Sergio Anarte and Thomas D'Hoe we are in the process of building the storage dashboards, we expect to have this ready towards the end of this year (2021 for future readers - feel free to keep me accountable on this).  I understand the desire to have that data available, and we are very much working to not surprise anyone with these limits.

  • Pablo Kenney
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Anton Mintsev (EMEA) - basically yes. Technically, there are parts of Chat and Talk that create tickets and therefore are also affected by these limits, but for most customers Support is the product most affected. 

  • Pablo Kenney
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Pavel Kolpakov re: attachment limits. Eliott De La Rosa is correct in his interpretation, if a file attachment is 50mb, then it would count as 50mb towards file storage and 0.1 kb for data storage (the article will be updated to clear this up). 

    Regarding your earlier questions, we began implementing data storage limits in June 2020 (when this article was first published). We are rolling out stages of enforcement, and will not enforce broadly until it is available for customers to observe in the product. All enforcement will be done in good faith and in cooperation with customers affected. 

  • Ak N

    Hi, Is there any way for us to get this information about the storage usage(total used,total available storage) through the Support API?

  • Jay

    Is this actually being enforced now ? 


  • Pablo Kenney
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Ak N, this information is not currently available through the Support API, as we integrate this information into the product (see my notes above) we would also make it available in the Support API, although the sequencing of UI/API work remains TBD.

  • Pablo Kenney
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Jay, these terms have been enforced since we introduced them 12 months ago, but we are not taking broad enforcement until the information is available in the product itself. Current enforcement is focused on customers and cases that are especially outside of the limits explained here. 

  • Jay

    Omg, why are you guys so determined to make this so complicated. 

    It has just taken me 20 mins to readh through the comments, and still I am getting confused. 

    To be clear, 

    If right now open a fresh gmail account as say: "". It would be

    1. Provisioned instantly with 15gb.
    2. Calculated clearly as 15gb = 15gb
    3. With a monthly cost of $0

    However if I was to instead open a  fresh zendesk account, say: sillybillyisadingdong.zendesk:

    1. Data storage object Storage used(per object)
    2. Tickets 0.5 KB
    3. Ticket archive stubs 0.5 KB
    4. Events 0.07 KB
    5. User identities 0.05 KB
    6. Tags 0.05 KB
    7. Ticket metric sets 0.05 KB
    8. Conditional field values 0.05 KB
    9. Ticket field entries 0.05 KB
    10. Attachments 0.10 KB
    11. File storage object Storage used(per attachment)
    12. Attachments Size of the uploaded file in MB
    13. Plan Data storage
    14. Support TeamSuite Team 50 MB per agent
    15. Support ProfessionalSuite Growth and Professional 100 MB per agent
    16. Support EnterpriseSuite Enterprise and Enterprise Plus 200 MB per agent
    17. Plans Data storage
    18. ProfessionalEnterprise 500 MB
    19. You may want to increase your storage limit if:
    20. Your company is expanding. You anticipate accelerated growth within the next few months and higher ticket volumes.
    21. Historically, your company has needed more data storage than other companies.
    22. Your company has a use case that creates an exceptional amount of customer service data.

    ......... blah blah blah

    .......... and finally

       1992. for a monthly cost of $199 per month?

       1993. And how much is the additional data add on, 

    Asking for a friend, Just kidding,

    I am actually asking for my zendesk account exec, who, perhaps like the rest of the zendesk clients, also did not know there was a data limit. 

    Oh zendesk..... You never fail to exceed our expectations...

    Some may put it more like this:
    But then again, perhaps I am the silly billy ding dong for engaging Zendesk over nearly 9 years now. 
    Did I miss anything Pablo Kenney?
  • Pablo Kenney
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Jay

    I, for one, do not think you are a silly billy ding dong for engaging Zendesk (9 years! that's awesome). I also appreciate you taking the time to provide the feedback. 

    The article you're commenting on is meant for the people who are seeking the details, so yeah, it goes into the details. The experience you're looking to compare with the gmail experience would be: 

    1. You create a new zendesk account and buy the professional plan.

    2. You get 100 MB of Data Storage and 5 GB of File Storage per agent. 

    3. You are a standard user and you never think about this again. 

    Does it get more complicated? For sure, we have lots of different plans and different plan variations. Can we make more information available in our product and actionable directly in the product - YES (we're working on this). Will our experience ever be identical to gmail? No, we're doing different things. Will our experience ever be similar to google workspace [their business offering], yeah, I think we can get there. 

    Thanks again for the feedback, and I look forward to updating this with progress towards a less complicated, more transparent experience. 


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