Why am I being charged for my unused agent seats?

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  • Eugene Ooi

    Signed master agreement for 8 seats but was billed 9 seats. No refund? 

  • Katie Dougherty
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Eugene,

    An admin on the account will need to remove one seat if you do not plan to have another user fill the 9th seat on your account. We do not offer refunds for unused seats and any downgrades to your subscription will take place at the end of your billing cycle. Please see the article: How can I add or remove agent seats on my account? 

    That being said, this article is specific to accounts who can make these changes on their own. If you have a contract with us, please reach out to your Zendesk account representative. Lastly, I see you have an open ticket with our Zendesk Customer Support Team and will see if that ticket can be redirected to an account representative who can further assist :) 


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