Can I hide the metrics column in an Explore query table?

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  • Kristin Bouveng

    This is a great feature, however one thing that could be improved is once you've hidden a column and then add additional columns, the hidden column changes to whichever column is now in that sequence. So the original column you've chosen to hide becomes visible and another is instead hidden.


  • Alberto Bredice

    In addition to what Kristin has pointed out, if you hide a column and then export the query, say to csv or xls,  the column shows up in the exported file no matter is hidden. Is there a workaround to that? 

  • Taylor Bowser
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Alberto, 


    Thanks for reaching out! It's expected behavior that hiding columns via the chart configuration>>columns>>eye icon is not reflected in exports. Instead, you'll want to go to result manipulation>>hide part of your results to remove your preferred columns or rows. You can learn more about this option here. Once you have applied these changes, you should find that the exports reflect the hidden selections as expected. 

    Hope this helps!


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