How can I display JIRA IDs in Zendesk views?

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  • Roee Levi


    We followed the guide to create the webhook in Jira, when trying to create the field mapping it fails with an error:

    "Failed to save the changes"

    Anyone knows what might be the reason?


  • Roohshan Divecha

    Roee Levi Just had the same issue - don't quite know the reason, but here's how I resolved it.

    When you see the "Failed to save the changes" error, go back to the "Settings" section above "Field Mapping" section.

    You'll notice your newly created "JIRA Key" (or whatever you have called your custom field) is likely present, but unchecked (unselected). If you check it (select it) the field mapping will also save, when you click Save on the Settings tab.

    Hope it works for you.

    Good luck!

  • John Tolle

    As Roee and Roohshan brought up, the webhook instructions should be added to the main article here (or at least a link created).  The Field Mapping page shows the following message after clicking Save & Sync:

    Create field sync webhook

    Field sync requires creation of an `issue update` webhook. JIRA OnDemand does not support auto-creation of webhooks by third party add-ons. For field sync to work, please follow these instructions to create a field sync webhook.

    Copy webhook URL to clipboard

    The big issue here is that this only works for future updates to new or existing tickets.  If there are already Jira issues linked to Zendesk tickets, those Zendesk tickets will not be retroactively updated to include the Jira Key.  The only way to do that is to use the Bulk Update feature in Jira to force every issue to get an update and fire the webhook event.  Supposedly.  So far, we haven't gotten it to work reliably and we have a ticket in with both Atlassian and Zendesk about it.  Here's the relevant article:

  • John Tolle

    For those trying the webhook approach, there is something you must consider with bulk updates: Zendesk throttles API requests.  See the following two articles:

    Endpoint Specific Rate Limits

    Best practices for avoiding rate limiting

    Atlassian support provided logs with a large number of instances of this message:


    Error response code '404' when posting to web hook at ''

    The issue here is that you, the user, are not controlling the API requests that Jira is throwing at Zendesk, so this is actually a Jira issue.

    In short, this didn't work for us because Zendesk rejected the majority of API requests from Jira, so most of our Zendesk tickets did not get updated when we bulk updated a large number (thousands) of Jira issues.

    We ultimately went a different direction and simply grabbed the Jira issue IDs via the Zendesk API:

    See the Zendesk API doc for Links (to Jira).

    Unfortunately, that links API provides issue IDs, and not the issue Keys, so if you want those, you'll need to download from Jira's API and do some translation.

    See the API doc for Searching issues (weirdly hard to track down API v3 docs for some reason)


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