How can I display JIRA IDs in Zendesk views?

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  • Roee Levi


    We followed the guide to create the webhook in Jira, when trying to create the field mapping it fails with an error:

    "Failed to save the changes"

    Anyone knows what might be the reason?


  • Roohshan Divecha

    Roee Levi Just had the same issue - don't quite know the reason, but here's how I resolved it.

    When you see the "Failed to save the changes" error, go back to the "Settings" section above "Field Mapping" section.

    You'll notice your newly created "JIRA Key" (or whatever you have called your custom field) is likely present, but unchecked (unselected). If you check it (select it) the field mapping will also save, when you click Save on the Settings tab.

    Hope it works for you.

    Good luck!


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