Announcing improved large query performance EAP for Explore

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  • Stephen Belleau

    I understand EAP for new features and changes to features, but I admit I'm a little confused about why EAP is necessary for performance improvements. Glad to see this being addressed though and look forward to this becoming GA!

  • Vincent Dollet
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Stephen Belleau, thanks for reaching out. We usually don't release performance improvements via EAPs. However in this specific case, we intend to introduce and validate a bunch of core changes with a limited number of customers before rolling them out to the entire customer base. Hope that makes sense!

  • Monica

    Looking forward to this improvement.  For now I don't seem to get a persistent error message when my query is too large.

  • Khajik Khajadourian

    Looking forward to performance improvements within Explore for large queries. This is a big pain point I hear from a lot of Managers within our company. 


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