Can I be notified when an article is submitted for review?

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  • Nick Beagley

    This seems like something that should be a default behaviour otherwise articles will get stuck in review with nobody realising. I would strongly recommend having an action that emails people or groups when articles are submitted for review.

  • Jonathan Chellis

    Agreed with Nick here - many of us here are not actively watching our queues day in and day out to see when an article is marked for review, or marked as Ready to Publish for that matter. It's one thing if an article is assigned to an individual, but a trigger to fire an email alert to an easily changed recipient list would be extremely helpful since assigning to an individual for review doesn't jive with the workflow of some teams. Might make more sense especially if it's been sitting in one of those states for awhile. So something like, to put in a semi-pseudo programming logic:

    if status == awaiting-review 
    AND time-in-status > 48 hours
        if assignee != null
        then send-assignee-alert-email
        else send-approvers_distro-alert-email

    if status == ready-to-publish
    AND time-in-status > 24 hours
        if assignee != null
        then send-assignee-alert-email
        else send-publishers_distro-alert-email

  • Sinisa Zubic

    We would also need such feature. Currently we have to educate users to assign an article for review to a specific "service user". From there on we have to trigger other notifications.

  • Khajik Khajadourian

    This is something our team would need as well. 

  • Angela Frey

    Emphatic upvote for email notification of articles submitted for review.

    We do not have a fully-fledged KCS process, so the "editors" are just publishing immediately. We do have a few contributors with limited permission, so we get maybe 1 article submitted for review a week. We're expected to obsessively check in on the queue every day, in case today is the day? Sending an email seems like an easy win here.


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