How can I edit the labels displayed in the language dropdown menu in my Help Center?

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  • Francois S

    The code is working, but doesn't work with 90% of the supported zendesk languages.
    Seems that the aren't correct ? 

    I'm using the naming of this list: 

    And for example "English (World)" is working but not "English (Luxembourg)" or many others...


    Someone know how I can extract the naming of the ?

    Stupid that we can't use the "ID or code" would be less confusing and without risk of mistakes. 


    And Even if the name is correct according to postman... 

    It still doesn't work

  • Sushant Awalekar
    Community Moderator

    Francois S

    You can try this workaround to get the locale names and then use in above code to replace language labels.

    Paste the below code snippet in your footer.hbs file and then preview the theme to get locale names by inspecting the webpage.

    {{#each alternative_locales}}
    var locale_name = "{{name}}"


    you can find all the locales under-console tab.


    Hope this helps!!



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