Announcing new limit to max attachment size

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  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    Thank you so much Zendesk team! This has been sorely needed and is much appreciated!

  • Dead Account

    Sure, something is better than nothing. And yes, when looking at the stats, it has improved for some. But those stats have only moved the needle from bad to good, not good to great.

    I would have expected to see Pro and Enterprise plans at least hit the 100mb limit.

  • James P.

    Remind me: Is this per email sent that has files or 50 MB per file or total attachments on a ticket?

  • Sean Crowe

    Not to be rude, but a 30 MB increase is still too little. Either that or I have been transported back to 2007.

    Did you guys do any customer research? Was this just a decision pulled out of a hat? Surely your  Pro and Enterprise users were not like: "yeah 30 MB more is all we need"


    Everyone who comes here, please let Zendesk know your magic number:

  • Debolina Mukherjee


    Is this feature already upgraded? Because I'm not able to upload mp4 file having size 33Mb


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