Messaging reporting in Zendesk Agent Workspace

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  • vivo

    Messaging Reports are so bad, especially compared to Zendesk Chat

    1. At any time, like out of Schedule, the request chat will be assigned to Agents: So bad. It should be like Zendesk Chat. When out of Schedule, if the customer wants to request Agent Staff service, we only should let him leave messages and email account or hotline number. 

    2. No first reply time and average reply time: So bad. In Zendesk Chat, we can get the first reply time and average reply time. Why do we need this data? It is a very important KPI for us to evaluate the service quality

    3. No Attachment feature: So bad. Zendesk Chat supports to send attachments. However, it is unsupported by Messaging. I think we should provide this option when agent staff starts to serve customers

    4. Request Personal Info when customers requesting Service Staff: Sometimes, customers will leave due to some reasons like the poor network. If the customer can leave their personal info like Email account, we can follow up even though the chat is missed. 


    So bad!!!


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