Recipe: Send proactive chat messages in your visitor's native language

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  • Wout

    Is it also possible to set the language of the chat as a condition instead of the country? We're in Belgium, where both Dutch and French are spoken, so setting the condition on the country doesn't help us.

  • Elissa
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Wout,

    Unfortunately triggers don't have any conditions related to a customer's language. There are only conditions based on things like location, browser, previous chats, etc. You can see a list of all available conditions in this article: Zendesk Chat triggers conditions and actions reference

    What you could try and do is base your trigger on the URL the visitor is chatting from. If your url contains information on what language the customer is viewing the website in, you can use that information in the "visitor url contains" condition. 

    For example, in our help center you can tell what language an article is in based on the country code in the url. As you can see the "fr" is for "french" in the below url:

    So you could use the condition "visitor url contains /fr/" in your trigger, like this:

    I hope that helps as a possible work around! 

  • Wout

    Thanks, I'll try it out!


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