What is the difference between dropped chats and missed chats?

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  • Taylor Wilson

    How does Zendesk know if a chat has an unanswered question? Does it look for a question mark in the text?

  • Erika Camille Sundian
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Taylor,

    It's the system's design to detect dropped chats. The only factor it is looking at is if the chat session ended with the customer's last message and then it will be treated as dropped. 

    Currently, we don't have any external documentation available that will pinpoint how the system detects drop chat or the causes of dropped chats, but this is a great feature idea for the future! :)

  • R2r Art

    Hi Erika,

    If the agent closes the chat session after sending his last message and the client replies triggering a "continuation" chat. How does the system quantify that?

  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello R2r Art,

    Once the agent closes the chat and your customer replies, it will consider the previous chat closed, and the comment will create a new chat. 

    Best regards. 

  • Lo Yost

    For dropped chats, is there some sort of automated message that can get sent to the customer? Sometimes dropped chats happen from either the customer or agent side. It is causing a dip in our CSAT unfortunately :/

  • Igor Czajkowski

    There is something still unclear in dropped chats metric. At the mentioned "Metrics..." article is said that dropped chats are "accepted by or assigned to the agent where the visitor responds to an agent message, then leaves the chat". Does it mean if at the end of the chat the customer writes "thank you, goodbye" and closes the chat or the page with the chat - it will be counted as dropped chat? If yes, are there any good practices to influence statistics of dropped chat by such cases?

  • Erik Lynch
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Igor,

    You are correct. If the chat ends with the visitor entering a reply, then quickly dropping off before the agent can respond again, that is being counted as a dropped chat. This is a tricky thing to filter out. The data stored from the chat doesn't have a smooth way of differentiating between a chat that had gone on for a while and ended with "goodbye" as compared to a chat that had gone on for a while and suddenly ended without reaching a conclusion. 

    While there isn't a perfect solution to this, you could try out a few different attributes based on what you find causes dropped chats the most. For example, you could include attributes for Chat Agent Messages Brackets and Chat Visitor Messages Brackets. With those, you could see how many dropped chats had very few messages exchanged, or perhaps had an uneven number of messages sent between the agent and visitor. Those could be useful pieces of information in assessing whether chats were truly dropped mid-chat or if they may have concluded naturally with a final comment from the visitor.

    I'll relay this feedback to our team as well, but I hope this at least helps clarify things!

  • Kelsa Henry

    Hi Igor, 

    I fervently support your point. The lack of proper "drop chat metric" in Zendesk has forced us to go the extensive route of data mining in order to understand the nature of this issue. 

    from our research, Zendesk can identify % of chats which unexpectedly ended on the agents end.

    Can we get a metric which identifies:
    1) "Chat which unexpectedly ended" from agents side
    2) "Chat which unexpecetedly ended" on the end user side. 
    3) "Total chats which unexpectedly ended.



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