What is the difference between dropped chats and missed chats?

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  • Taylor Wilson

    How does Zendesk know if a chat has an unanswered question? Does it look for a question mark in the text?

  • Erika Camille Sundian
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Taylor,

    It's the system's design to detect dropped chats. The only factor it is looking at is if the chat session ended with the customer's last message and then it will be treated as dropped. 

    Currently, we don't have any external documentation available that will pinpoint how the system detects drop chat or the causes of dropped chats, but this is a great feature idea for the future! :)

  • R2r Art

    Hi Erika,

    If the agent closes the chat session after sending his last message and the client replies triggering a "continuation" chat. How does the system quantify that?

  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello R2r Art,

    Once the agent closes the chat and your customer replies, it will consider the previous chat closed, and the comment will create a new chat. 

    Best regards. 

  • Lo Yost

    For dropped chats, is there some sort of automated message that can get sent to the customer? Sometimes dropped chats happen from either the customer or agent side. It is causing a dip in our CSAT unfortunately :/


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