How to subscribe all users to a section or article

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  • Louis Eloff

    Hi Mark,
    I am quite new to all of this and been struggling for 2 days to finally subscribe to a section via the Help Center API :D I managed to do successfully complete several other API requests so I am more comfortable with how it works now.

    The problem I am having with limited knowledge, is how can I structure the request body to subscribe more than 1 user to a section? At the moment the body looks like this and it works perfectly:

    "source_locale": "en-us",
    "include_comments": false,
      "user_id": "371560460160"

    I tried to add a second user in the same request the following way but it gives an error 500 (Internal Server Error). It's the same as above, basically just duplicated. I am using Postman for the requesting. Like I said I am very new at this but I've been searching the support pages and documentation for two days and can't seem to subscribe more than one user at a time :)
    Can you possibly advise here or should I rather log a ticket? 

    Thank you,


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