Announcing Agents managing requests via Customer Portal

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  • Amie B

    Hi Gorka,

    Great news! One question though, does this now mean that agents can also leave CSAT on a ticket if they are the requester of the ticket? This was previously not allowed, but am wondering now if this change will now allow this also?



  • Fernando Duarte

    All you need to do is to add a condition in the "Request customer satisfaction rating (System Automation)" that excludes your organization

  • Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Candace

    Thank you for the question.

    The reason that Light Agents cannot interact with tickets like full Agents with this feature is not because we do not want to provide that capability, but because of the way the underlying agent permissions work, which only allow Light Agents to post internal comments and only public comments to be displayed in the Customer portal.

    We are aware of the issue and intend to extend thsl feature to let light agents take advantage of it as well. We made the decision to provide the feature without support for light agents as we knew it would still be valuable to many customers.

    We are exploring ways to solve the Light Agent issue and I have added your feedback to our collection of feedback regarding this issue.

  • Candace Alexandres

    Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen - thanks so much for your response! I'm so glad to hear that your team intends to extend this feature to light agents in the future. 

    I know it's easier said than done but I've always thought that if someone is the ticket requester, that should supersede all other restrictions around their role for that ticket. I'm sure that's easier said than done. 

  • Candace Alexandres

    Why is this only available for full agents and not light agents as well? The majority of our company consists of light agents and we've been hoping to see this feature for a long time. 


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