Announcing advanced search and other enhancements for triggers

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  • Alfredo Navarro

    Hello team,

    I am quite happy to see this improvement already in my accounts because definitely we work with quite of an amount of triggers and it was a challenge to manage them. Now it looks cleaner, easier and more manageable, really well done.

    Just on top of my head and after jumping into this functionality already the first time, here a couple of suggestions:

    - It could be great if you can also show as column (very slim), the position / order of the trigger in the sequence. The position is indeed super important since it definitely can alter the actual logic, so it could be great to make it more obvious and visible all the time or by selection (even when moving triggers around in the mini view to select the new position "above").

    - The sorting of the column..., this is great functionality.... but I hope that it is not altering the order, correct? I am quite afraid to sort by something right now, but I assume that it is not the case. Again, connected to the previous point, it will be more clear if the order index is shown or as a possibility to show it. If I sort from another column... how do I come back to the original sorting based on the order? that's also another reason why I did not sort yet :-).

    - And last but not least, searching / filtering by the specific order index could also help in case that I know it.

    I hope that this feedback helps and so far it looks really really good... just still scare to sort by any column due to the importance of the order of my triggers to run the overall logic.

    Thanks and best regards, Alfredo

  • Sudeshna Basu
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello Alfredo
    Thank you for providing feedback on the new functionality, much appreciated!

    I wanted to confirm that the sort function does not alter the sequence of the trigger execution. After you sort by any of the columns, you will see an Undo sort link above the list to revert to the default view.

    Best wishes,

  • Catherine Michalak
    Community Moderator

    This is great Sudeshna Basu, when can we expect some grouping functionality to further help manage triggers visually?

  • Sudeshna Basu
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Catherine
    Thanks for your comment. Providing you an easy way to organize your triggers by categories is on the product roadmap. Stay tuned for further updates later this year.

  • Jacob J Christensen - Cloudhuset A/S
    Community Moderator

    I love this ability to apply filters on trigger searches!!! I do, however, wish that the filters selected persisted when I return from selecting a trigger.

    So when I filter for all triggers that contain an Email User action, select a listed trigger and either update it or navigate back to the list would bring me the filtered search I had just made.

    I think this is a very common scenario for admins that would be made so much easier with the above. Thanks.

  • Danny Ayres

    Not sure the correct area for this questions but can Zendesk Chat be integrated with Salesforce so that chats can be taken live through salesforce not just a record being created..

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Danny -

    No, that is not a capability of the integration.


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