Announcing upcoming Australian phone number regulations

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  • Sharin Kaur

    Hello, it doesn't look like I received an email, how should we provide documentation?

  • Jack Yumulu

    Hi Joey,

    Does this mean, if we have an Australian phone number stored in the Admin > Channels > Talk?

    We operate in Australia but have a US number stored in Talk because we don't have AUS clients.

    btw, I never received an email but saw a notification in Zendesk.


  • Dan Beirouty

    Hi Jack Yumulu and Sharin Kaur

    If you didn't receive an email and you have no Australian phone number in Talk you're in the clear :)

    The message you received this morning regarding Australian phone number compliance was sent in error. We encountered an error in an internal tool that broadcast the message wider than was intended. Our team has ceased using this tool until we resolve the issue. 

    We apologize for any confusion caused by that notification.

  • Jack Yumulu

    Ok, thanks Dan.



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