How are email scanning tools handled with Answer Bot?

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  • Geran Smith

    I spoke with someone on the support team about this, this KB is no longer accurate.

    The Answer Bot is including a button that says "Yes, close my request". Clicking on that button (or an email scanner "clicking" the button) causes the ticket to immediately close.

    This feature needs to either have an option to remove the button / replace it with "View article" or add a second button click that has to happen for closing the ticket. We have customers with email scanners that are automatically closing tickets.

  • Jeffrey C. Yarnell

    Geran Smith is correct.  This is not accurate.

    I had to remove the {{answer_bot.first_article_body}} from our Answerbot emails, as a number of customers would open up tickets and have them immediately closed with a response that the first article solved it for them.  Even if you open up the ticket again and reply to the customer, it gets closed again as soon as they receive the email.

    I was not monitoring these and one customer opened up multiple tickets that all were automatically closed and only noticed it when reviewing the Bad Sat tickets.


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