Understanding suppression of CCs email notifications

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  • CJ Johnson

    What does -- mean in this chart? What are these columns representing? Why do some rows include an outcome and others do not? I feel like a bunch of labels are missing or something. I cannot figure out how to interpret this at all. 

    Does that first row mean if MECFCEUP (Make Email Comments From CC'd End-Users Public) is enabled, and the requester updates the ticket via an email, a trigger that would send the requester and cc's an email notification (example: "Hi, thanks for replying, our datacenter is being swarmed by bees so our reply times are pretty long right now, hang in there!" and keeps the ticket open) would NOT fire the email notification for the trigger, because "Everyone who would receive the notification already received the email that updated the ticket"? 
    That's the logical conclusion from this chart, but surely that cannot be right. 


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