Analyzing agent ticket touches

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  • Chanteena Murphy

    Can you please define what is counted as a "Touch" in the following metrics?  I have reviewed our metrics and based on the initial percentages, it appears this only counts public agent replies. 

    • One-touch tickets: Tickets that were solved with only one agent reply.
    • Two-touch tickets: Tickets that were solved with two agent replies.
    • Multi-touch tickets: Tickets that were solved with more than two agent replies.
  • Chandra Robrock
    Community Moderator

    Hi Chanteena Murphy! Taking a look at the formula used for the Agent replies distribution > One-touch tickets, Two-touch and Multi-touch metrics, I can confirm that these metrics are based on Zendesk's Agent Replies metric.

    The Agent Replies metric will only include the number of public replies added to a ticket by an agent. This help article is a really a helpful resource for identifying what each metric means in Explore. 

  • David Reed

    Hi!  Is there a way to understand ticket touches for tickets submitted by an end user, not just those created by agents?  I'd like to understand the number of tickets submitted to our team and the breakdown of touches between the ticket's submission and it being submitted as closed.

  • Chandra Robrock
    Community Moderator

    Hi David Reed! These queries should return results for both tickets that were created by the end-user as well as the agent.

    However, if you're ultimately looking to report on the number of touches per ticket for both the end-user and the agent, there are a few other comment-specific metrics that you could look at.

    You'll find these metrics under the Comments section in Metrics.


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