Can I use Zendesk Guide by itself or do I need a Support subscription?

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  • doug nelson

    Outside of the cost, are you saying there's no way to 'hide' the ability to submit and manage tickets? i.e. can we use Zendesk as a pure KB, even if we are paying for the whole thing? The use case is that we may need a KB 'now' but need time to figure out migration from another tool for all the tickets, which could be a ways down the road.

  • Beto
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hello Doug!

    If cost is not an issue, you could have a Support Account with just one license for the sole purpose of allowing for a KB. The problem is, the KB is built from the ground-up to work in tandem with Support, so you would have to make changes to the code. For example, in our default Theme, you would have to hide the "submit request" link so that end-users don't use it to create tickets. This is not something that can be done natively, so you would have to modify the default code for the header of the page.

    There is also a "submit a request" link on the article page, so this would also need to be changed.

    There might be some tickets that still come through other means, so you could also set up some Triggers and Automations to inform these end-users to contact you at your current ticketing system.

    Please keep in mind that in Support we are happy to point out the right direction, but if it comes to developing custom coding and for assistance in creating custom solutions, the primary contacts would be either Zendesk Services or Zendesk Partners.

    I hope that was helpful!


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