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  • Heather Cook

    I don't think I understand. So what would a user be able to see or do?

  • Rachel M

    in this instance, does the guide legacy plan get included in professional?

  • Amie B

    Heather: What this means is previously before this change, when you added a user to a Zendesk which was running multiple brands, that user could access both brands HC's on the Zendesk regardless. This change means you can restrict a user to a specific brand only, and they will only see the associated help centre to that brand, without seeing any other branded HC's which may be active on the Zendesk. 

    Rachel: I'm pretty sure this feature will be included in guide legacy. If you currently use multibrand and can see the user segments feature in your guide platform already, then I'd say you're in luck that you'll have access to this new feature/setting on your Zendesk account as well. 

    I hope this helps you ladies. :)

  • Tetiana Gron
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Rachel,

    This feature is included in Guide Legacy. The general rule is if your Guide plan has User Segments then View Permissions for Help Center is available. Read more About the Zendesk Guide plan types.


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