Announcing subscription management permission for admins

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  • Kaylie Love Murphey

    Although this is a great step in the right direction, this doesn't do enough to help many organizations.  For us, I would like the ability to have a non-agent, such as someone from our finance team, manage the billing and subscription.  We don't want to pay for a full agent license just for them to access invoices, change payment methods, or make other subscription changes.  Please let me know if there are ways to complete this or if this is on the radar to be built in the future.

  • Matt Young

    Yes, I was hoping this would solve our problem too but it doesn't. Like most companies the support team who are the admins and agents in Zendesk aren't responsible for managing the credit cards used to pay for subscriptions. Up to now our accounts team have had to securely send us credit card details when they change for us to update on their behalf which is unnecessarily painful. It's clearly not worth us paying $150 / month for additional agent seats just for our accounts team to be able to manage occasional changes to card details.

    I think agent seats should only be required for users who actually use Zendesk i.e. reply to tickets. Ideally we'd like non-agent admin users who can both administer billing details and add or remove agents from the account due to team changes.


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