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  • Liz W

    I have a question about how this works. If we were to check "Limit to user segment" and choose a custom user segment based on a defined tag, would that effectively mean that end users could not create their own accounts (or at least would not be able to view the Help Center if they did)?

    We're in the process of finalizing a Help Center buildout, and I'm interested in the possibility of limiting access to end users added by agents or admins, not by end users who created their own accounts, since our Help Center is designed specifically for customers who have already purchased our software. It sounds like this feature could make that possible, since we could set it up so that only users assigned a certain tag could get access and then our team could add that tag whenever we add accounts for new customers - but I want to confirm that I understand correctly.

    Thanks for this article, Nova!

  • Maggie Ungerboeck
    Community Moderator

    Hi Liz,

    Yes, you can make it work this way - it's sort of how ours is set up. You assign tags to the accounts you set up that match the user segment you created and assigned to the articles. When end users create their own accounts, those tags are not assigned to the new users so they can't see those articles.

    The only place this can fail is that users inherit their tags from their organizations so if a new user signs up and uses the email domain that matches their organization, then they get those tags from the organization. I don't think this scenario creates an issue for you but wanted you to be aware of it.

    Let me know if you have any additional questions!



  • Liz W

    That's very helpful. Thanks, Maggie!

  • Chris Humphreys

    Hi Team, 

    I cannot see how to limit access to 

    Agents and managers This option is for staff members only, so that you can create content that is internal-only.

    Currently i can only see the following options? 


    Any help would be appreciated. I am looking to lock down our internal help page so it is only visible to agents and admins.   

  • Liz W

    Hi Chris,

    Good question. I find the way all these settings fit together pretty complicated — it's taken me a while to get them figured out.

    That setting would be configured one of two different places.

    One: You have the ability to set the view permissions for each article, and you can set all of them to be visible to Agents and Admins. You can update this in the Article Settings on an individual article, or you can bulk update from your Article list by using the check box to select all articles and then using the Article Settings button at the bottom to update the permissions.

    This option doesn't actually prevent others from signing up for your Help Center, but it means they won't see any articles if they do happen to create an account for some reason.

    Two: You can also set your Help Center so that end users cannot create their own accounts, meaning that new user logins can only be created on the admin side, by your team. To do this, go to Support: Settings: Customers (way down at the bottom) and uncheck the "Enabled" box next to "Anybody can submit tickets." With your Help Center configured this way, no end users will have access at all unless you specifically create accounts for them. (And then if you've used option One as well, they will still not be able to see any articles that are visible only to Agents and Admins.)

    I hope that helps!

  • Chris Humphreys

    Thank you Liz, Really helpful :)

    Option one would be our preferred option. However, for an unknown reason i cannot set view permissions to that category. I thought that category was a default setting from the threads i have read before. Currently i only have these options?

    Can i enable the settings for agents and admins anywhere else?


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