Managing messaging transcript visibility

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  • Rudolph Beaton

    @... - Is there any way for agents to CC a user during a chat but only have the transcript sent to the requester?

  • Bobby Koch

    this feature barely works

  • Bobby Koch

    honestly, i dont think it works at all

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Bobby, 
    I have tested it on my end and it worked without any issues.

    Once you have followed the steps above and the same unexpected behavior persisted, please contact our support directly and we'll investigate further.
  • Chad Susa

    Hi All

    If I want to keep the transcript as private (initially) but still be able to send a transcript to a customer if they request it, how can I do that? We have enabled Transcript Visibility = private in the Chat Account settings.

    In testing I think the only/best way is to copy and paste from the private comment of the transcript. But that means the agent will need to go into the events view and copy/paste from there.

    Is there a better way? There's no 'Send last transcript' button somewhere is there?

    Many thanks as always
    Chad :)

  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Chad,
    All messaging conversations are appended on the ticket and won't be available on the chat history anymore. As per our article Messaging Limitations
    • Conversation transcripts: Because messaging conversations are persistent, downloadable conversation transcripts are unavailable. Customers and agents can view past conversations within the Web Widget and Agent Workspace, respectively.
    Printing the ticket can be a workable solution here, especially if you want to keep records of the conversation. However, you will still need to copy and paste the conversation manually to send the transcript to your end users.
    This is available on the top right of the ticket itself

    I hope this helps. Thank you!

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