Recipe: Routing messaging tickets using Support triggers

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  • Shaun Siemon

    Hello there! Is there any functionality in Messenger or through routing that would allow for options selected during the flow to be mapped to custom ticket fields?

    Having them re-enter that as part of the info capture prior to the Transfer to an Agent step somewhat defeats the earlier selection point's purpose.

    If we have an end-user select our point of sale as what they are reaching out to support for, it would be incredibly efficient to be able to map that to a routing rule based on that selection.

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Shaun,

    I'm afraid this is not possible at the moment. Ticket field values may only be selected during the Transfer to Agent step; at this time, the Flow builder does not have the functionality to automatically map/select field values based on end-user actions or responses prior to that final step.

    If you can, I encourage you to create a new post in the General Product Feedback topic in our community to engage with other users who have similar needs. Conversations with a high engagement ultimately get flagged for product managers to review when they go through roadmap planning. This could be helpful for our product teams to understand the full scope of the need when working on solutions.

  • Natalia Lutsevich

    Hello Gab Guinto in the article on the screenshot there is trigger condition Channel is Messaging however I don't find the same condition in my trigger. 

    Here is the screenshot of what I see:

    Also we are routing our clients generally by Country and then transfer them to a right agent not by Nature of Issue. So the question: Is it possible to prepopulate/prefill Country field using GeoIP or something that will track user's location? As a perfect solution we would like our customers just to see two fields Name and Email and hide a country field.

    There is not much info about it in Zendesk.

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Natalia,
    I'm afraid the widget is currently not able to capture the user's geolocation/ip and carry information over to the ticket/user profile. Probably the closest workaround would be to utilize the user language in your business rules – the Language set on the user's profile is based on the language selected on the visitor's browser settings (as long as you have the language added to your Support account). But, if what you need is to capture the country of the visitor, then at this time, the best option is to present the user with a separate field for country.
    About the channel condition for Messaging – it would be good to check if Agent workspace and Messaging is enabled in your Admin Center. But, let me create a ticket for you so that we can investigate on this further. Thanks Natalia.

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